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After more than 4 years' experience as a business developer and sales manager in Europe for Jacomex and Wenglor. Here I am, realizing a dream: to develop my own company, MetalWorks Associates!
And it was alongside Jean-Pierre Manchon that I decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. We share a "think out of the box" spirit of innovation.
MetalWorks Associates was created to provide an agile mechanical production solution for companies looking to expand.



Metalworks Associates team member Antoine Micaleff


After more than 45 years as an entrepreneur, and still very much hooked on mechanical workshops, I've decided to share my experience with up-and-coming companies. So, I've decided to share my experience with them by adivising on how to optimize their production.
So, in addition to being a subcontracting platform with a network of qualified partners, MetalWorks Associates will also enable you to choose the right method to guarantee smooth and sustainable production.

MetalWorks eam member Jean-Pierre Manchon



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